Do you want to know How to Rank for Certain Keywords using Google Search Console?

Many SEO Professionals use paid tools like ahrefs, SEMrush, Ubersuggest etc for Keyword research. Yes! Those are great tools but beginners don’t focus on the most important Keyword Research tool i.e., Google Search Console.

Yes! You heard it right. Google Search Console is one of the best Keyword Research Tools for your website because it gives you a live picture of your website.

The keywords for which your website is getting impressions, the average position of the Keywords that are getting impressions in Google SERP, and the number of clicks you got through those Keywords.

How To Rank High the Keywords Using Google Search Console?

You have to spend time with Google Search Console and analyse the keywords for which your website gets impressions. And look for those Keywords that are getting impressions but not clicks.

Let me explain to you with 2 examples.

First Example of How to Rank Keywords Using Google Search Console

A Keyword was getting the average position of 49.2 on my Google Search Console. I google that keyword and get to know that, I didn’t have Content around that keyword.

The Keyword was just a subheading in a long post. So, I started writing content on that particular keyword. After writing the content, I submitted it to Google Search Console for indexing. And after a week or so, that keyword average position has been changed from 49.2 to 10.7.

In this way, it jumped almost 40 positions and ranked on almost the First Page of Google SERP.

Second Example of Ranking Keyword using Google Search Console

The other keyword was ranking on the second page of Google. Its average position was around 14. I check for which webpage the keyword is getting impressions. Then I came to know that, the webpage for which my website gets an impression for that keyword is a part of a long content on a topic.

So, I wrote the content by solving that particular problem and submitted it for indexing in the Google Search Console.

After a week, that keyword got the average position of 8 in GSC.

Now, the keyword is ranking on the First Page of Google SERP.


So, you should keep an eye on Google Search Console, and check the keywords for which your website is getting impressions and you don’t have a dedicated webpage or content around that topic.

These keywords are worthy of spending time writing content around them.

Hope this case study might help you spend time around your Google Search Console and analysing the keywords.

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